Business Resources

Social Media Tools & Resources

A collection of helpful resources for business owners who intend on marketing their business on various social media platforms.

Business Plan Worksheet

A simple question and answer format which will form the basis of an effective, actionable business plan.

Business Name Registration

You will need to register the business name of a sole proprietorship, partnership or trade name for a corporation.

Business Number

A business number is a nine digit number that Canada Revenue Agency will assign to a business for tax matters related to business in Canada.

The four major program accounts used by CRA are:

  • Goods and Service/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST)
  • Payroll
  • Import/export
  • Income tax

To apply for a Business Number please call 1-800-959-5525 or follow this link:

Workers Compensation

As an employer, you are directly responsible for the health and safety of your workers because you have control of the workplace and have the power to make any changes.  You must be familiar with the regulations that apply to your workplace and the tasks performed there.

To get your employer registration form, please visit the WCB website or contact them at 1-800-237-5049.

Labour Legislation and Employment Standards

If you have employees, you will need information on payroll requirements and employment standards such as paid holidays, vacation leave, minimum wage, etc.  Separate Federal and Provincial labour legislation exist; therefore, it is important to determine which legislation may apply to your business.

  • Provincial Information – Employment Standards:  you will need to know payroll requirements and employment standards if you have employees.  The Labour and Industrial Relations Division can provide you with complete payroll and employment standards information for Prince Edward Island.  For more information please contact 1-800-333-4362 or visit the Labour and Industrial Relations Website 
  • Federal Information – Labour Program:  For information on federal labour legislation and employment standards.

Human Rights

All people in P.E.I. have equal rights in employment and equal access to services, accommodations, and facilities.  It is illegal to ask people to put age, sex, marital status or any other information which could lead to discrimination on an application form.  You cannot refuse to employ a person for any of the reasons listed in the Human Rights Act.

Health Inspections and Permits

For the operation of any type of food service establishment, sleeping accommodations, senior citizens home, day care centres or related establishment, contact the regional office of the Department of Health & Wellness at (902) 368-4970 or toll-free (in province)  1-800-958-6400.

Developing A Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is designed to direct company activities towards the satisfaction of customer needs, determine what the customer wants, and develop a product/service to meet those needs, get the product/service to the end-user and communicate with the customer.

Here is a great place to start with your market research.

Building and Development Permits

If you are planning to construct, renovate, add an extension, or put a mobile home on a lot for business purposes, you may be required to obtain a permit.  Building permits are either issued by municipality or the province. 

Home Based Business

Operating a business from home requires meeting the zoning by-laws controlling property uses in your area.  Many jurisdictions, zoning approval is required.

Business Organizations to Join /  Useful Business Links

PEI Business Women’s Organization

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